An Awesome Weekend at Deli Ohio Craft, Farm & Flea

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We had the BEST time at the Deli Ohio Craft Farm & Flea on Saturday! 


It FINALLY felt like summer, and the sunshine and heat was so welcome. I was really impressed with the growing number of vendors participating, and the crowd was fantastic. They even closed off the street! Yay! 


I think the thing I enjoy most about these market-style events, is meeting all of the wonderful and positive people involved. If you don't know Dave & Melissa Sherrill from Arrowhead Vintage or Ryan Miller from Deli Ohio, you should. They're just good people. And, good people draw more good people to things like this market, and make a good thing grow. It's really GOOD. Good for all of the small businesses, makers, and artists. Good for community. Good for Canton. Did I mention that it's good? 

Greg and I had a very successful day, meeting market shoppers who were just as excited about the revitalization of Canton as we are. We also had a great time doing a bit of our own shopping (although I wish I was able to do more, but we were really having a busy day).


This is some of our haul from the day... three more soaps and a tray (because we're LOVING our first bar) from Redbud Suds Soap Co., an assortment of hilarious (albeit horrible) sentiment cards from Tim Carmany of The Hub Art Factory, and a rad, old school bottle opener from Dave Sherrill at Arrowhead Vintage

Places that I wish I was able to shop from but ran out of time: Letterpress Jess, Main Street Modern (Greg and I already have a couple fabulous pieces from their shop), and that terrarium guy! I'm going to find out who he is, because people were making their own terrariums with air plants! How cool is THAT?! Can't believe I missed it. They even had tiny dinosaurs in them!

We can't wait for the next Deli Ohio Craft, Farm & Flea in August! Hope to see you there! 




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