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One of the reasons we started Little Chicago Clothing Co. is that we wanted a meaningful way to give back to our community… And, we‘ve chosen paths to giving back that might not exactly be “on-trend,” but are filled with good purpose, and it’s what works for us.  We felt like it might be a good idea to share our philosophy on giving back with our shoppers and followers, in case you were interested in how we do things.


Our business is founded upon good design, and high-quality apparel, with fashion and style. We believe in providing great products for our shoppers, and if we’re doing that well, then we can use some of the rewards from our success to give back MORE to the local organizations that mean a lot to us… because that’s just the right thing to do. It’s what ALL businesses should do for their communities.

We like genuine partnerships. We enjoy working together with community organizations to help them meet their goals in a variety of ways. We donate countless bags of shirts to charity events and fundraisers. We make monetary donations to our favorite local museums and park districts. We collaborate with several local non-profits, providing free or very low cost design work and printing services.


Lately it seems as though every time you turn around, another “charitable company” is coming out of the woodwork. Sometimes, these businesses genuinely offer excellent products, and are true to their word regarding their charitable giving. SOMETIMES. We are NOT one of those businesses that donates a specific percentage out of every purchase to a specific charity (or a flavor-of-the-month charity). We are NOT one of those businesses that gives away a free version of our product for every shirt that we sell.  Why? Because we think that a pretty fine line has developed between helping non-profits and EXPLOITING them for increased sales.

SO, maybe we’re not a trendy “charitable company,” but we DO have some great relationships with organizations that we LOVE, that do great things for our community. And, we sleep well at night, knowing that we do our best to give back as much and as often as possible, in ways that matter.



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