Our Wonder Woman. Meet Maggie!

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by Amy Eibel, LCCC Owner & Creative Director

This blog post has been a LONG time coming, and while I could give you a million reasons why this has taken so long, the REAL reason is that I just wanted to do this awesome person proper justice. Sometimes, when life is busy and I'm pulled in a million different directions, it's hard to clear my mind, pull together my thoughts, and choose the right words for something like a blog post.  When it came to writing a bio for this lovely lady, I knew I had to choose the right moment, because she deserves a darn good introduction. So, welcome everyone. Meet Maggie. We love her. 

Maggie Moneypenny is the new Director of Fashion and Marketing / General Manager for Little Chicago Clothing Co., and we are SO, SO, SO thrilled that she has joined our team full time! YAY!

As many of you know, we're a small, but mighty team, and we value our relationships with our customers so much. We thought our followers (you fabulous readers and shoppers) needed to get to know Maggie a bit better!


This outstanding young woman started with LCCC in the Spring of 2017 as a marketing intern, and quickly proved her value, diving right into learning and assisting with nearly all aspects of our business. She continued her internship with us throughout the 2017-18 school year, and Maggie graduated from The Fashion School at Kent State University in May! 


Where do I start?!

Maggie is smart and engaging. She works her tail off. She's well-rounded. She asks great questions, isn't afraid to say what's on her mind, and consistently brings us a unique, fresh, and thoughtful perspective. Plus, she LOVES to learn (and, as teachers, Greg and I know how important it is to be a lifelong learner).

Maggie is stylish, creative, and passionate about fashion! While I'm pretty confident in my own, personal style, I now find myself often contemplating my outfits and thinking carefully about whether or not Maggie would approve of my selections... 

Maggie is friendly, kind and sincere. She cares about doing things with high quality.  She's a genuinely good person, she has a great sense of humor, AND she's a lot of fun!


Where are you from?

Silver Lake, Ohio

What are you looking forward to this summer? 

I am looking forward to life after graduation. I just graduated from The Fashion School at Kent State University this May, so I am very eager to jump into my new role here at LCCC. Also I hope to do some traveling - maybe visit some of my friends who have moved out west.

Hobbies? Interests?

I am a Netflix snob (LOL). I am a huge fan of the arts, particularly film; therefore, I love watching movies and documentaries. I am also very interested in fashion, so I love reading fashion blogs, thrifting for unique pieces, and keeping up with new designer collections. When I find the time, I try to do some yoga. I also love food, so going to the grocery store is fun for me! I could spend hours in Whole Foods.

 How would you describe your personal style? 

This is a hard one, because it changes all the time. I would describe my style as a equal mix of grunge/girly/comfy. I love to wear all black and really chunky Dr. Martens, but I also love frilly summer dresses, so I usually find myself somewhere in between. The best days are when the two styles can coexist into one outfit because it creates a really cool contrast (in my opinion).

What are your favorite pieces to pair with LCCC apparel? 
Jeans are by far my number one, solely because all of our stuff can go with any pair of jeans. I also love pairing skirts with our shirts.
Other interesting Maggie trivia...
I studied abroad for four months in Florence, Italy, and it totally changed my life. Going to Florence sparked a need for me to travel and to want to experience many other cultures.
I was in theater and show choir in high school.
I have seen the musical “Wicked” four times on stage. It's BOMB!
My favorite band is the Grateful Dead.
I am not a cat mom, but I AM a plant mom.
So, the next time you're shopping with us at an event, make sure you stop over to say hello to Maggie! 
Amy Eibel, Owner & Creative Director
Little Chicago Clothing Co. 


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